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Hannah received her second cochlear implant in June of 2008. She has embraced her new ear and loves hearing so well. Hannah has amazed us with her continued growth in speech and language. She speaks age-appropriately and continually awes us with a new word or phrase that she has picked up, usually at school! Hannah loves her preschool class at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, GA. She talks about all of her friends and adores her two amazing teachers. She feels so grown up as she rides to school with her Daddy and two older sisters, Emma and Belle. Hannah’s favorite part of the week is going to church to worship and sing. Hannah loves to sing and memorizes songs very easily. She keeps us moving to the beat as she performs her favorite song of the moment while we are at home or in the car. It’s never dull with Hannah around! We are so thankful that God has allowed us to take this journey with Hannah and has guided us through every moment. He is so faithful!